As an Adventure Advocate my goal is an active, adventurous, safe journey that is well planned and full of unique, interesting, adventurous moments, sights, sounds of nature, places and people!  We will prepare for this trip together with comprehensive packing lists, insurance, health and country information, visas, permits, local regulations and more.  As your advocate, I hope to answer your questions promptly and completely while efficiently turning your precious vacation time into amazing travel and globally interesting time! 

I strive for a good value always.  I will be paying my own way along with you.  Our trusted local affiliates will do their best for us to help ensure this is a trip of a lifetime.  We will pay for services directly to our partners overseas, cutting out middle men and saving our cash for spontaneous mornings, afternoons and nights out in the world.

If you have an idea for a trip, please be in touch.  Enabling amazing adventures is my passion.  I travel as your friend and travel mate and will be advocating for you along the way. 

- Heather -

References available on request.