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The Goddess

Friday 27 October 2000 4:05:37 EDT

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Subject: Adventure Journal: The Goddess

Written last night: 10/26/00. (2000)

Ah, I’v made it to the rooftop terrace, at last above the dust and into the smog of the Kathmandu night.

It sounds like the Fourth of July down below. At times, even here on the sixth floor level, I see a firework streak its light across the blackness. One firecracker even landed near my chair. It lies smoldering six feet away. This is Tihar, the Hindu festival of lights.

Laxshmi likes light. Her worshipers tangle strings and rope above the streets, laced with small and large electric bulbs. All buildings are covered and lights cascade from terraces and balconies all over town/

The believers are awake. All night they wait for the goddess to appear. Lanterns and candles light the countryside, the villages and Kathmandu.

An abrupt yet silent flashing beside me diminishes my view of this paper. To my left, Christmas lights cling to a wall of potted plants.

The people mark their homes and staircases with paint, candles, and flower petals. They hope to entice the goddess. If Laxshmi visits, the family will have much success and wealth in the coming year. Every individual belonging to the belief wants to please her.

Joanne and I visited a temple today where Hindus worshiped and meditated in hopes of meeting the goddess. To one worshiper, Luxshmi appeared! The woman was instantly possessed. Her body shook. She yelled in convulsive fits, an extremely lucky occurrence.

On my way back to the hotel this evening, I dodged the little five-year-olds. They threw burning firecrackers, popping into the street. I’m happy I made it to the hotel roof without a burning shoe. Could the sound of explosives possibly lull me to sleep later?

All night, I heard a baby crying outside the window. Perhaps he was a soldier in a past life. Like gunfire, the sound was something to fear. The religion here is alive.

Heather O’Neal

Of Global Interest LLC

Kathmandu, Nepal

Friday, October, 27, 2000. 4:43:25 EDT\

Subject: An email address

Hello Trudy,

Is my mother’s email working yet?



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