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Pem Dorjee Sherpa

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Cho-La Pass, Nepal


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Travel with me.

I design, organize, create my adventures with expertise, care and attention to the everyday details.  I invite like-minded adventurers often women in their 50s to join me.

As a freelance traveler, I work with local outfitters with established relationships to help us make the most of our time away.  I advocate for my fellow tourists and educate how NOT to be a tourist.  I free up your time by creating interesting and original routes and make arrangements such as vetting and reserving accommodations, local guides and transportation, including airport transfers, domestic bus, train, private car and more.  Walking as much as possible keeps us fit and on the ground, observing and absorbing wherever we happen to be.  I will meet you at our destination and together we shall

explore the world.



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